Flowmeter Dispenser 34.1302.1




5 lb

Max exercise pressure

145 psi



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The systems of manuring, with chelated iron or benzimidazoles, require an irrigation system that consents the quantity control of emitted manure without waste and maintaining the products characteristics. That’s why a counter of dry product, that allows a direct and precise reading of the quantities of product provided per each plant, has been placed.
The caracteristic of the manures and water lead often to unpleasing corrosions and malfunctions of the equipment, that’s wht the materials used for our dispenser, like from body till point in stainless steel, the counter in brass and hard plastics, the handle in alluminium, have been studied to guarantee a long wear resistance.
The revolving fittings anti torsion, the adjustable bale, the revolving counter quadrant that consents the personal usage to right and left hander, the exchangable arbor, these have been studied for a an easy usage, even if extended.
Even in the simple irrigation, in this moments of water deficiency, the possibility to irrigate the plant’s root, reduces the water consumption avoiding at the same time outcrop, that in time leads to weakening, caused by irrigation like “rain” or slide. That is the reason arose the version without litre counter.