ACED 1″ Black

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Dimensions Accelerator L x H (cm)

10 x 7 x 14,5

Dimensions Feeder (cm)

10 x 13 x 9

Weight Accelerator E.D

Kg 3,000

Weight Feeder

Kg 3,000

Electrical Absorption

0,10 Kwh

Fuel passage hole

1″ Gas – 34 mm


220/230V 0,45 Ampere


Not foreseen

Provided net connection

Plug Type L – 0,5 A

Length cable (cm)


Diameter cable (mm)


Material capacity

Double regarding the foreseen usage

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The need to reduce consumption, harmful emissions, and simplify maintenance procedures have always been the objectives of our company that, since its establishment in 1971, has been working towards the solution of these problems. Our studies were centred around some basic concepts of physics and then standardized for series production. Research, experimentation, tests and trials, have permitted us to make a concrete response to these problems, anticipating and improving on the pollution parameters defined in the Kyoto protocol. All this work gave rise to the ACED – Acceleratore Catalizzatore Elettro Dinamico [Electro-Dynamic Catalyser Accelerator] which acts on the molecular composition of fuels, producing rapid and efficient combustion. The ACED is produced strictly in line with EC standards, in 5 different models of differing power and characteristics which, depending on how they are installed, serve different functions. The units are powered through their own control panel connected to the 230V 50/60 HZ electrical mains supply: the units for industrial use have two safety fuses inside the control panel. It should be remembered that connection to the electrical supply must always be established in compliance with the regulations in force, by authorised and qualified personnel. The active section is constructed with double insulation and powered at low voltage. These are the same size as the existing passage of the plant, which avoids having to certify the plant again. The device is fixed in the required position using simple clamp rings. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any cases of: intervention on the machine, installation, or assistance conducted by personnel that are not adequately qualified, authorized, and skilled; the removal of seals or the modification of a part of the equipment; failure to comply with the electrical regulations of the country where the equipment is installed; damage to the equipment or plant resulting from incorrect or inadequate installation or lack of care during maintenance. Such cases also result in the immediate cancellation of the guarantee of five years for mechanical parts and two years for electrical parts as per EU regulations.